2008 College Football Playoff

.... And then there were two. We are down to the final two teams in our college football playoff, and it is a great game with the #1 and #2 seeds, Oklahoma and Florida, respectively.

Mr. Green: Oklahoma
Roget: Florida
Willard: Florida
Dr. G: Oklahoma
Jack Flack: Oklahoma


Oklahoma takes the national Championship in a very close game. Congratulations to the Oklahoma Sooners, the 2008 National Champions.

So what does this all mean? Did the BCS get it right, since we ended up with Oklahoma and Florida in the championship through a playoff? The answer is a resounding No. In fact, the question "Did the BCS get it right?" is a stupid question to be begin with, because the BCS cannot get it right, the BCS is not right to begin with. The BCS means a computer chooses two teams to play for the National Championship. Whether the two teams selected are the best two teams in the nation is meaningless. What about Texas? Alabama? USC? Boise State? Utah? There are other teams still with just one loss. Oklahoma lost to Texas, Florida lost at home to Ole Miss. The point is there are arguments for and against all of the top teams, which is why we need a playoff system in college football. Division I-AA, and all Divisions below that have a playoff system.

College basketball will always be better than college football, because of college basketball's playoff system, March Madness. Did anybody ask whether Memphis and Kansas deserved to play for the National Championship last season? Did anybody ask whether March Madness got it right? No, because March Madness is a great playoff system, which always features classic, memorable games, upsets, buzzer beaters, and memories. A playoff system in football would probably create the same result.

To close our 2008 college football playoff, here is the final bracket, and how the tournament played out.


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